State Prison Consultants

We are experts in and can assist in the following areas​​​​​​​:

  1. Celebrity Preparation for State Prison
  2. State Sentencing Mitigation/Alternative Sentencing Report
  3. Judicial Recommendation Requests at State Sentencing
  4. State Plea Agreement Review & Recommendations
  5. Pre-Sentence Investigation Review prior to your State Sentencing
  6. State Prison Designation and Program Placement
  7. Religious Placement Assistance
  8. Mothers Infants and Children Placement Programs

State Prison Presentence Consulting Services

Behind State Prison Walls

  1. State Drug Abuse Programs (DAP)
  2. State Boot Camp Program Placement
  3. State Fire and Forestry Camp Placement
  4. State Work Crew and Work Release
  5. Inmate Farm Crews
  6. Sex Offender Treatment
  7. Medical Transfers
  8. Institutional Transfers between State Prisons 
  9. Interstate Compact Transfers Between States
  10. Redesignation
  11. Compassionate Release from State Prison
  12. Elderly Offender Release Possibilities
  13. Administrative Remedy Program Filing in State Prison
  14. State Prison Furloughs (Medical, Emergency, Funeral, etc.)
  15. Good Time Credits

Post Sentence

  1. Reentry
  2. Half-Way House Placement
  3. Community Service
  4. Home Confinement
  5. Parole and Probation Issues

Pardon and Parole Actions

  1. State Pardon Petitions
  2. State Parole Package Assistance